Jun 19, 2014

makeup love - nail of the week: chanel frenzy

on my nails this week (and last week): a beautiful nude greige from chanel, 559 frenzy. i find that chanel polishes sometimes can be difficult to apply, but this one is not one of those. it does require three coats to be somewhat opaque, but it's easy to apply, thin and dries fast and without any streakes. i highly reccomend it!

as a base i used o.p.i. chip skip since my nails have been pealing of lately. this is a great product to save bad nails! it's a very thin product that sinks into the nail. since i like to have a barrier between my nails and colored polish i then used essie grow stronger as a basecoat. to seal it all in place and to reduce drying time to none, i finished with seche vite after three layers of the chanel frenzy. it stayed on for 5 days before some chipping and with a new coat of color and topcoat it stayed on for 10 days (and counting).

what's your favorite nude geige?


Jun 1, 2014

makeup love - mascara review

a few months ago i was on a quest to find a new mascara (see my instagram rant here and the suggestions i got for mascaras to try). i did eventually find one i love and that ticks all the boxes (it's this one from estée lauder), but while i was looking i tried a lot of different ones i will not purchase again for various reasons:

have you tried any new mascaras lately that you love? i have a new one ready for testing as soon as my trusted mascara runs empty (it's the ysl mascara volume effect faux ciels shocking).


May 19, 2014

wish list - chanel

i love the summer makeup collections. the colors, packaging and the products. sheer coverage, glowing fresh skin and colorful eyeliner or lips. these two from chanel looks like they will be perfect!
any summer makeup you swear by? have you tried any of the les beiges products?


May 11, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: mauves, browns, dark colors

part 2 of 4 showing my nailpolish collection. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this drawer contains all my darker colors, mauves and browns.

  1. deborah lippmann lady sings the blues
  2. deborah lippmann happy birthday - discontinued (this one is very similar)
  3. chanel quarts (525) swatch
  4. chanel paradoxal (509) - discontinued swatch
  5. essie sable collar (283) 
  6. essie merino cool (76)
  7. essie angora cardi (700)
  8. chanel cashmere (151) - discontinued
  9. o.p.i. my private jet (nl b59)
  10. o.p.i.i brake for manicures (nl t29)
  11. o.p.i. you don't know jacques! (nl f15)
  12. o.p.i. glitzerland (nl z19)
  13. o.p.i. barefoot in barcelona (nl e41)
  14. essie hot coco
  15. sephora by o.p.i. call your mother (se 070) - discontinued swatch
please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  •  chanel paradoxal - a dusty lilac with bright lilac duo chrome particles. two coats for full coverage
  •  sephora by o.p.i. call your mother - a muted warm pink/lilac. two coats for full coverage
  •  o.p.i. my private jet - a bronze brown with silver particles
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite dark polishes?


May 10, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: neutrals, blues and greens

i've had a few requests to show my nailpolish collection from other nailpolish loving friends. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this is part 1 of 4 showing neutrals, blues and greens.

  1. essie lapiz of luxury (94)
  2. essie nice is nice
  3. essie lilacism (705)
  4. essie parka perfect (284) swatch
  5. essie sew psyched (731)
  6. essie turquoise & caicos (98)
  7. make up store maria - discontinued
  8. essie going incognito
  9. essie bikini so teeny
  10. essie mojito madness
  11. chanel triomphe (105) - discontinued
  12. chanel frenzy (559) swatch
  13. essie topless & barefoot (744) swatch
  14. essie sugar daddy (15)
  15. essie eternal optimist (23) swatch
  16. rimmel salon pro kate - soul session (237) swatch
  17. o.p.i. sweet heart (nl s96)
  18. ysl (24) (no name, its a solid white color) - discontinued
from the list it's quite obvious that i like essie polishes. i find they stay put for 4-5 days before i need to remove it. small ramble: i'm i the only one who don't like it when the names are on the handle of the polish? it dissapears so easily. i like the name to be on the bottle itself. ramble over. the small essie bottles are cute, but the brushes are not very good unfortunately. i would't reccomend them. also, please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  • essie lilacism - a beautiful pale lilac colour. two coats for full coverage
  • chanel frenzy - the perfect combo of beige and grey. three coats for full coverage
  • essie topless & barefoot - lovely nude with the right amount of pink. three coats for full coverage
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite colors?


May 9, 2014

makeup love - taxfree haul

recently i went for a business trip to copenhagen, and i picked up a few things on my way home in the taxfree.

  • kiehl's micro-blur skin perfector. i picked this up to use as a base for the days i don't want to use fundation or bb-cream. this is what it claims in the product description: lightweight, satin finish skin-perfecting formula for instant blurring effect with long-lasting, visable skincare results. i like it when skincare brands make makeup products, i think the skincare part is most difficult to produce, so i will always prefer a skincare brand making makeup than the other way around. kiehl's is one of those brands i feel get too litte attention from the beauty bloggers. personally i have loved all products i have tried from the brand, so i'm exited to try this one out. maybe a brand breakdow blog post in the near future?
  • ysl mascara volume effet faux ciels shocking (travel pack of two). my favorite mascara at the moment is estée lauder sumptous extreme mascara. it has a huge brush, but it really gives volume and curl to my lashes so i love it. there was a travel selection edition of this mascara at the airport, but it was almost twice the price of the ysl, so i thought i would give this a go and see if i like it. from the picture on the package it looks like it has the kind of brush i prefer. i haven't tried it out yet since i still need to finish my estée lauder one.
  • maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles (color 160 brightner/illuminateur). this was a gift from a friend who picked it up for me in nyc. i have the regular concealer in the same formula (and love it), this one is hopefully just as good. unfortunately this product isn't sold in norway, so i'll use any opportunity for a back up when friends go abroad!
  • chanel perfection lumiére velvet fundation (color 10 beige). of course i had to get this. i love the vitalumiere aqua fundation, and wanted to try the new formula with a velvet finish as well. chanel makes some really good fundations in my opinion. so far i've used this 4-5 times and i really like it. it leaves a more matte finish than the vitalumiere aqua, slightly more coverage as well so it needs more blending. once it's on it looks like perfect skin. during the day it keeps my t-zone more shine free than the vitalumiere aqua (the latter i need to powder lightly to keep in place for a whole day). after a long day on it still looks good on. the only negative thing i've noticed with the formula is that any dry patches on my skin was very visable after a few hours. something to keep in mind. now i only use this on days when i don't have any dry feeling to my skin.
have you tried any of these products? or picked up something new lately you are exited to try?


May 7, 2014

fashionable - haul h&m

following up my last blog post, revamping my wardrobe, i have a small clothing haul from h&m. some classic items to grow my basics wardrobe.

  • black dress. i like the 3/4 sleeves and the lenght just above the knee (i pass on sooo many beautiful dresses that i find too short). perfect for all occations.
  • black blazer with a sheer peplum fabric at the bottom and 3/4 sleeves. great item to style up every outfit.
  • brown sandals in leather (i really like h&m premium shoes, perfect fit and reasonable prices).
  • white mens shirt in cotton. because of the straight fit and i like the look of men shirts.
  • white jeans. works with everything.
i have a few other items i'm lookin into as well. what's on your list at the moment?

edit: so after trying everything on, the dress, blazer, jeans and shoes are going back. don't keep items that's not a perfect fit! the shoes was really lovely though, so i'll try those on in a smaller size in store later. i think i will take a look at zara for some dresses and a blazer instead.