Jun 19, 2014

makeup love - nail of the week: chanel frenzy

on my nails this week (and last week): a beautiful nude greige from chanel, 559 frenzy. i find that chanel polishes sometimes can be difficult to apply, but this one is not one of those. it does require three coats to be somewhat opaque, but it's easy to apply, thin and dries fast and without any streakes. i highly reccomend it!

as a base i used o.p.i. chip skip since my nails have been pealing of lately. this is a great product to save bad nails! it's a very thin product that sinks into the nail. since i like to have a barrier between my nails and colored polish i then used essie grow stronger as a basecoat. to seal it all in place and to reduce drying time to none, i finished with seche vite after three layers of the chanel frenzy. it stayed on for 5 days before some chipping and with a new coat of color and topcoat it stayed on for 10 days (and counting).

what's your favorite nude geige?


Jun 1, 2014

makeup love - mascara review

a few months ago i was on a quest to find a new mascara (see my instagram rant here and the suggestions i got for mascaras to try). i did eventually find one i love and that ticks all the boxes (it's this one from estée lauder), but while i was looking i tried a lot of different ones i will not purchase again for various reasons:

have you tried any new mascaras lately that you love? i have a new one ready for testing as soon as my trusted mascara runs empty (it's the ysl mascara volume effect faux ciels shocking).


May 19, 2014

wish list - chanel

i love the summer makeup collections. the colors, packaging and the products. sheer coverage, glowing fresh skin and colorful eyeliner or lips. these two from chanel looks like they will be perfect!
any summer makeup you swear by? have you tried any of the les beiges products?


May 11, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: mauves, browns, dark colors

part 2 of 4 showing my nailpolish collection. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this drawer contains all my darker colors, mauves and browns.

  1. deborah lippmann lady sings the blues
  2. deborah lippmann happy birthday - discontinued (this one is very similar)
  3. chanel quarts (525) swatch
  4. chanel paradoxal (509) - discontinued swatch
  5. essie sable collar (283) 
  6. essie merino cool (76)
  7. essie angora cardi (700)
  8. chanel cashmere (151) - discontinued
  9. o.p.i. my private jet (nl b59)
  10. o.p.i.i brake for manicures (nl t29)
  11. o.p.i. you don't know jacques! (nl f15)
  12. o.p.i. glitzerland (nl z19)
  13. o.p.i. barefoot in barcelona (nl e41)
  14. essie hot coco
  15. sephora by o.p.i. call your mother (se 070) - discontinued swatch
please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  •  chanel paradoxal - a dusty lilac with bright lilac duo chrome particles. two coats for full coverage
  •  sephora by o.p.i. call your mother - a muted warm pink/lilac. two coats for full coverage
  •  o.p.i. my private jet - a bronze brown with silver particles
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite dark polishes?


May 10, 2014

makeup love - nailpolish collection: neutrals, blues and greens

i've had a few requests to show my nailpolish collection from other nailpolish loving friends. i keep my polishes in muji storage with drawers sorted by colors. this is part 1 of 4 showing neutrals, blues and greens.

  1. essie lapiz of luxury (94)
  2. essie nice is nice
  3. essie lilacism (705)
  4. essie parka perfect (284) swatch
  5. essie sew psyched (731)
  6. essie turquoise & caicos (98)
  7. make up store maria - discontinued
  8. essie going incognito
  9. essie bikini so teeny
  10. essie mojito madness
  11. chanel triomphe (105) - discontinued
  12. chanel frenzy (559) swatch
  13. essie topless & barefoot (744) swatch
  14. essie sugar daddy (15)
  15. essie eternal optimist (23) swatch
  16. rimmel salon pro kate - soul session (237) swatch
  17. o.p.i. sweet heart (nl s96)
  18. ysl (24) (no name, its a solid white color) - discontinued
from the list it's quite obvious that i like essie polishes. i find they stay put for 4-5 days before i need to remove it. small ramble: i'm i the only one who don't like it when the names are on the handle of the polish? it dissapears so easily. i like the name to be on the bottle itself. ramble over. the small essie bottles are cute, but the brushes are not very good unfortunately. i would't reccomend them. also, please excuse my very dry nailbeds on most of the swatches. i only recently found my resque in the nail oil pens. my favorite is this one from mavala.

top 3 from the list above:
  • essie lilacism - a beautiful pale lilac colour. two coats for full coverage
  • chanel frenzy - the perfect combo of beige and grey. three coats for full coverage
  • essie topless & barefoot - lovely nude with the right amount of pink. three coats for full coverage
have you tried any of the nailpolishes above? what's your favorite colors?


May 9, 2014

makeup love - taxfree haul

recently i went for a business trip to copenhagen, and i picked up a few things on my way home in the taxfree.

  • kiehl's micro-blur skin perfector. i picked this up to use as a base for the days i don't want to use fundation or bb-cream. this is what it claims in the product description: lightweight, satin finish skin-perfecting formula for instant blurring effect with long-lasting, visable skincare results. i like it when skincare brands make makeup products, i think the skincare part is most difficult to produce, so i will always prefer a skincare brand making makeup than the other way around. kiehl's is one of those brands i feel get too litte attention from the beauty bloggers. personally i have loved all products i have tried from the brand, so i'm exited to try this one out. maybe a brand breakdow blog post in the near future?
  • ysl mascara volume effet faux ciels shocking (travel pack of two). my favorite mascara at the moment is estée lauder sumptous extreme mascara. it has a huge brush, but it really gives volume and curl to my lashes so i love it. there was a travel selection edition of this mascara at the airport, but it was almost twice the price of the ysl, so i thought i would give this a go and see if i like it. from the picture on the package it looks like it has the kind of brush i prefer. i haven't tried it out yet since i still need to finish my estée lauder one.
  • maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles (color 160 brightner/illuminateur). this was a gift from a friend who picked it up for me in nyc. i have the regular concealer in the same formula (and love it), this one is hopefully just as good. unfortunately this product isn't sold in norway, so i'll use any opportunity for a back up when friends go abroad!
  • chanel perfection lumiére velvet fundation (color 10 beige). of course i had to get this. i love the vitalumiere aqua fundation, and wanted to try the new formula with a velvet finish as well. chanel makes some really good fundations in my opinion. so far i've used this 4-5 times and i really like it. it leaves a more matte finish than the vitalumiere aqua, slightly more coverage as well so it needs more blending. once it's on it looks like perfect skin. during the day it keeps my t-zone more shine free than the vitalumiere aqua (the latter i need to powder lightly to keep in place for a whole day). after a long day on it still looks good on. the only negative thing i've noticed with the formula is that any dry patches on my skin was very visable after a few hours. something to keep in mind. now i only use this on days when i don't have any dry feeling to my skin.
have you tried any of these products? or picked up something new lately you are exited to try?


May 7, 2014

fashionable - haul h&m

following up my last blog post, revamping my wardrobe, i have a small clothing haul from h&m. some classic items to grow my basics wardrobe.

  • black dress. i like the 3/4 sleeves and the lenght just above the knee (i pass on sooo many beautiful dresses that i find too short). perfect for all occations.
  • black blazer with a sheer peplum fabric at the bottom and 3/4 sleeves. great item to style up every outfit.
  • brown sandals in leather (i really like h&m premium shoes, perfect fit and reasonable prices).
  • white mens shirt in cotton. because of the straight fit and i like the look of men shirts.
  • white jeans. works with everything.
i have a few other items i'm lookin into as well. what's on your list at the moment?

edit: so after trying everything on, the dress, blazer, jeans and shoes are going back. don't keep items that's not a perfect fit! the shoes was really lovely though, so i'll try those on in a smaller size in store later. i think i will take a look at zara for some dresses and a blazer instead.


May 3, 2014

fashionable - revamping my wardrobe

have you ever felt like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? i think most people have that feeling on some occations, especially if you need to dress a new type of happenings where the dresscode isn't clearly stated. lately i have been cleaning up in my closet. i own a lot of stuff that i love, but i didn't always now what to pair the clothing item with to get the look i wanted.

what i like for my wardrobe is easiness:
  • great items that i love and use
  • easy to pair with other items
  • many combinations that give a great and effortless result
there is some really good blog posts out by others who have given this subject a thouough though. geneva from a pair & a spare have a series called four ways; all her new items must fit into her wardrobe in four different style settings before she buys it. see her example of a leather moto jacket here. this is a a great tip that i have incorporated into my shopping.

many sites also offer good inspiration for styling tips. pinterest is one of them, another is polyvore. i use both to gather inspiration into folders that i look throug before new investments.

right now i am in a phase where i feel my style is somewhat "inbetween". it's a little bit of everything, and that's not where i want to be. i'm in a stage where i try to streamline my style a bit more, mostly this means to clean out the items i don't use anymore. and some new investments to tie everything more together. below is some of my favourite styling boards i'm working with.

as you can see, all of these styleboards are made from zsum on polyvore, i think she has a great sense of style! picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4. my style isn't that monocromic in colors, but what i really like here is the basics that makes all combinations look great.

on  my to do list:
  • sell and donate items i no longer love or use
  • invest in a pair of manstyle flats (see last picture)
  • invest in a quality cotton shirt
  • invest in a white skirt
  • make sure that all items that stay in my closet and new ones that i invest in follows the "one item, four ways" philosofy
what are your styling philosophy and tips? do you have any brands you like to invest in more that others? any blogposts or bloggers youu think i should follow with a great sense of style? all tips are welcome :)


Apr 20, 2014

makeup love - special occasions manicure

pinterest inspiration for a special occasions manicure: french manicure with a twist, geometrical pattern, half and half.


Apr 16, 2014

wish list - asos

i'm really in love with a longer skirt length that's currently on trend. these three will be added to my closet: pink pleated skirt, white full skirt and yellow pencil skirt.


Apr 14, 2014

makeup love - bronze eyelook

a current favorite eyelook with golden/bronze tones. for daytime i only use the cream shadow with a light dust of my bronzer on top, for evening i use all three products above for a more smokey result: maybelline color tatoo gel cream eyeshadow in 35 on and on bronze (for some reason i can't find the color on maybellines website, but it's available on feelunique and i saw it in stores last week so it's not discontinued), nars duo eyeshadow in kalahari and isadora twist up metallic eye-pen in 54 dark brown. what's your favorite bronze look?


Apr 12, 2014

wish list - zara

yes please! i need some new spring coats in my life. these two looks just right. also, a chick t-shirt? i'm all for that thanks. from left: blue coat, pink coat, pink t-shirt.


Apr 8, 2014

makeup love - spring nails

three spring favorites to brighten up any outfit! from left; ciaté london in loop the loop, essie in vermillionaire and essie in fifth avenue.


Apr 5, 2014

makeup love - purple party

another look by the lovely lisa eldridge. this party makeup is stunning!


Apr 1, 2014

fashionable - white

white is the ultimate fashion color. it manages to always look edgy and on trend. at the same time, those who wear it must fight murphys law: everything that can go wrong will go wrong. you try to not spill food on yourself, but it's evedently hopeless. here's some pinterest inspiration: mix of textures/with black details/blazer/all white part 1/all white part 2/with jeans/all white part 3/with pearls/all white part 4


Mar 31, 2014

travel notes - new york

i have been lucky enough to visit nyc twice. last time was just a few months ago in december/january. being a large, metropolitan city the possibilities are endless for how to spend your time there. here's some of the places i went and loved.

i've split my picks into some of my favorite areas and would reccomend that you focus on an area at the time to not waste too much time traveling.

meat packing district

high line park
beautiful park built on an earlier subway station. my favorite place in nyc. start at w 30st st 10 ave and walk down to the meat packing district, where you'll find a lot of cafés, restaurants and stores. i promise you won't regret the tour!

bubby's is a great choice for something to snack after walking alont high line park. they had a wast menu with everything from cakes to hamburgers and home made soda! i chose pancakes with homemade blueberry jam, spicy apple cider and lemonade. all delicious and all something i'm craving as we speak. they also have a dinner menu and a drink menu, i imagine this place is a good pick any time of the day/night.

spice market
my favorite restaurant in nyc. first time i visited i tried the tasting menu  - you should try it! this time my visit was on new years eve with a fixed menu, and it was just as good. it's a large restaurant, but still really nice and intimate. can't wait to try it again.


the best area for shopping and eating out. it's a beautiful area with low buildings, lots of charm and great stores and restaurants. if i could only visit one area of nyc this would be it.

this store is something you don't see everyday! a mix of insects, skulls, fossils, drawings and much more. it's a great shop to just have a look, or bring something special home.

antique garage
a small restaurant set up in an old garage.  beautiful location, great food and live music.

this is my shopping mecca. the store is big enough to have a great selection and small enough to give a much better shopping experience than the bigger stores.

makeup mekka. this store have all the stuff you want without the queues.

ground support cafe
best coffee i had in nyc.

apple store
there's a great apple store here also, no need to visit the big one that's way too crowded at all times.

other places, spread around the city

you need to visit the big one, the others won't do.

toloache bistro
seriously the best mexican food i've had. remember to book a table.

small resaurant that only serves wine and cheese. perfect after a long day walking around before dinner.

(down under the manhattan bridge overpass). small and pretty area with great view over manhattan and small cafees. had the best pizza slide there for a dollar! great to combine with a trip over the brooklyn bridge.

top tips if you want to be play tourist

moma (museum of modern art)
this is a great museum with modern art in good mix. you'll find a bit of many artists you've heard of, and a bit of those you've don't heard of. the museum shop is also worth a visit. fun souverniers to bring home.

american museum of natural history
this museum is worth a visit for the permanent exhibition of dinosaurs. even if it's not your "thing", this is the place to be amazed. skip the rest of the floors. it's a huge museum, and most stuff you've seen other places.

top of the rock (rockefeller center)
want to see nyc from the top? this is the place to go. you get the view over the city including central park.

high line park
this park really gives you an inside look to how nyc looks like to its inhabitants. you see everyday life along the park and also have a great view over the hudson river and jersey city. start at w 30st st 10 ave and walk down to the meat packing district.

times square
take the metro  to 42 street and enjoy the hustle and bustle. best in the evening/night time in my opinion.

brooklyn bridge
take the subway to  dumbo, grab a pizza and then walk over to manhattan again. really great walk.

some things worth mentioning in the end

reading material. i really enjoyed a book called nyc not for tourists. it was updated and on spot with it's reccomendations.

tipping and tax. all prizes are shown without tax and tip. the end price is hence much higher than what you see. some restaurants include tip in the bill, be sure to check before you pay.


Mar 26, 2014

fashionable - yellow

yellow is a color i feel many clear away from. but it can really look good with almost everything and on everyone. here is an inspiration board of outfits i think looks great with yellow. pinterest inspiration: a printed top with a pleated a-line skirt/a blouse for an everyday twist/with pearls/with primary colors blue and red/a pale yellow coat/with a denimin shirt and white pants/with a deminin shirt/with a sweater and blouse/with a black leather jacket


Mar 19, 2014

makeup love - classic makeup

pixiwoo consist of the two mua sisters sam and nic. you should follow them, they do a lot of different makeup looks. this is one i'm loving at the moment.


Mar 17, 2014

fashionable - black

i try to balance my wardrobe to not only contain black, and think i manage that. but, it's not a secret that black is really a classic for all occations and all types of clothings. the outfits chosen here are mostly all black, but still manage too keep it interesting in the styling. pinterest inspiration black outfits: large turtle neck/a classic 50-inspired dress/modern dress with long sleeves/peplum top with a leather skirt/oversized coat/with stripes/with jeans/military inspired coat/red lips


Mar 14, 2014


my favorite cat - maru. you should follow him for lots of fun!


Mar 12, 2014

fashionable - pale blue

pale blue is a major color this spring. like all pastels, it's a delicate balance to make sure it's edgy and not to childish. here's some pinterest inspiration with outfits that i think make it work: a coat seems to be the way many incorporate the color into their wardrobe. here in a cocoon shape/a classic a-line coat/evening dress with coral lips/a plain shirt with a silver pallette skirt/jacket in leather with motor bike jacket details/a simple wool sweather/an oversized wool sweater/a beautiful dress with clean lines/in combination with coral and orange


Mar 7, 2014


finally friday! this makes me want to dance!


Mar 6, 2014

makeup love - spring makeup looks

want to learn from two of the best makeup artists in the business? follow lisa eldridge and charlotte tilbury. they share their expertice on youtube for free for you and me to learn.

these are two of my favorite looks at the moment.


Mar 4, 2014

hair affair - hair knot

having a bad hairday? a hair knot will always be savior. here's some pinterest inspiration: clean ponytail with a twist/twinned loose knot/ballerina knot/low knot/ low messy knot/a real knot/messy ballerina knot/low pony tail knot/loose knot


Feb 28, 2014

fashionable - spring in venice

spring in venice

Amanda Wakeley v neck sweater
$490 - amandawakeley.com

L K Bennett coat
$575 - lkbennett.com

Moschino pink pants

Gianvito Rossi red pumps
$700 - brownsfashion.com

Silver jewelry
$360 - larssonandjennings.com

Diamond stud earrings

Oliver Peoples sunglasses

PUR makeup

Butter London nail polish

Feb 17, 2014

fashionable - green

green is a color that always makes me happy. pinterest inspiration green outfits: green oversized blazer/green blazer and white lace dress /green outfit with red coat. green and red are opposite on the color wheel and enhance each other. maybe a bit christmas for someone, but i like the combo/green palette skirt/light green sweater/beautiful green dress/green palette dress/long shiffon skirt/green and black is a safe and chick combo


Feb 16, 2014

last week on instagram

mothers day in norway/ mann (44) with bård tufte johansen. really good show!/office outfit and love for isadora color shock in chick coral/paul and joe lipstic. georgeous color and finish/essie nailpolish in eternal optimist/eggløsning from absurdgalleriet/essie nailpolish in parka perfect/new in from h&m, ready for spring now/snow snow snow


Feb 15, 2014

lazy saturday

it's a rainy saturday in oslo. i've made this playlist to go with the weather. i choose to have a lazy saturday with lots of newspaper today. have a nice weekend!


Feb 14, 2014

brand breakdown - estée lauder: cheeks and sculpting

i may not be a makeup horder, but i sure do own my share of makeup. in this series i'm going through everything i own from some brands that i own a larger range of products from. what's a good buy and what's maybe not such a good buy. first out is estée lauder. for a brand i don't particulary think much about or crave stuff from, i own a lot of estée lauder. this brand i part into base/cheeks&sculpting/eyes/lips/nails.

part 2. cheeks & sculpting

estée lauder ideal light brush-on illuminator this illuminator is creamy and comes with a built in brush. you twist the pen and the product comes through the brush. the amount disposed is perfect and my pen has not leaked. it's easy to use and apply the product where you want it. the product itself gives a very natural glow. it's not glittery and very easy to blend into the skin. i have color 01 light and it maches my skin nicely. if you want a very subtle glow, this product is maybe for you. i want to see more a highlighting effect if i first bother with this extra step. do i like the product? yes. will i repurchase? probably not.

estée lauder bronze godess this bronzer looks very orange in the pan, but it's actually very nice on my pale skin. i have a small version i got free with another purchase, without any color code, but i think it's shade medium. the bronzer has tiny gold sparkles, but they don't show up on the skin. it however keeps the skin from looking "dirty" where i apply the bronzer. i find it transfers well and is blendable, but i have other bronzers than blend better into my skin. a good bronzer, but not a must have for me. will not repurchase.

estée lauder pure color blush this is another one i picked up after amodelreccomends gave her approval. i bought the color 19 nude nuance. it's a light color in a satin finish just a tone or two darker than my skin. i use it to sculpt mu face and usually wear it together with another blush. it don't give much color to my face, but it gives enough definition at the same time as it looks very natural. i really like products like this, that gives my face some more dimention without looking to made up. it's a good product, but there's many similar products out there. i think i'll try out somethin new when this runs empty instead of repurchasing. my eyes are on the new chanel les beiges...


Feb 12, 2014

brand breakdown - estée lauder: base

review bases

i may not be a makeup horder, but i sure do own my share of makeup. in this series i'm going through everything i own from some brands that i own a larger range of froducts from. what's a good buy and what's maybe not such a good buy. first out is estée lauder. for a brand i don't particulary think much about or crave stuff from, i own a lot of estée lauder. this brand i part into base/cheeks&sculpting/eyes/lips/nails.

part 1. base

estée lauder matte perfecting primer this is great. i first heard about this primer from amodelreccomends and bought it. it's a great primer, light weight and it's easy to blend a fundation. i have quite dry skin, but with the tendency to have a shiny t-zone, and this does the trick to keep the shine down and it also prolongs the wearing time of my fundations. thumbs up from me.

estée lauder daywear plus this i saw i sevral youtube videos and it looked like a great product. i'm sure it is, but it's way to dark/orange on me. unfortunately, that's the story for me on many of EL face products. it's a green product with beads that you massage into the skin. it then transforms into a glowy brown (orange on me) color. since i'm not a fan of the oompa loompa look, this is not the product for me. test this one out before you buy if you have fair skin. thumbs down from me.

estée lauder double wear light stay in place makeup this fundation is great. it's medium coverage and super easy to apply. i usually use my fingers. in the winter time, this fundation is to dark for me in itensity 1.0, but in the summer time it's perfect! it lasts fairly long on me, for long days though, i use the matte perfecting primer first. thumbs up from me.  

estée lauder double wear stay in place makeup this is a recent purchase for me. i have the color 1N1 which is a great color for me now in the winter time. it's a medium to full coverage fundation, i moisurize my face an extra time before i put a small amount on with a damp buffing brush. this can look cakey if you don't blend it well. once it's on it stays on until you remove it. perfect fundation for those days when you want a little extra coverage. thumbs up from me.


Feb 10, 2014

fashionable - orange

orange is an underestimated color. pinterest inspiration orange looks: orange trouses/lovely dress with lace detail/an orange blazer can spice up any outfit/orange skirt and jeans shirt combo/orange and peach combo/monocrome outfit balanced with a white coat/cobolt blue and orange combo/beautiful summer dress/orange shirt and white jeans


Feb 7, 2014


this is a playlist to kick start the weekend, happy friday peeps!


Feb 6, 2014

makeup love - bold lip

pinterest inspiration bold lips: perfect red/orange with winged liner/fuchsia/orange and dark smudgy eyes/pale pink/red-orange and minimal part 1/red-oragne and minimal part 2/red-orange and minimal part 3/bold lip and winged liner


Feb 5, 2014

fashionable - pink

pink is never wrong. pinterest inspiration pink outfits: pink shoes and floral skirt/mix pink with other bold colors/pale pink and stripes/pale pink and big patterns/a simple bead necklage and belt can be make the whole outfit/sometimes more is better/pink suite and fedora hat/pink flowing skirt/pink coat


Feb 4, 2014

fashionable - grey

who said grey have to be boring? pinterest inspiration grey outfits: grey coat/grey collage dress/silver shoes/grey and white/mixed materials/palettes/grey and beige/more palettes/dark grey


Feb 2, 2014

food addict - blue cheese dip with vegetables

quick and easy snack when you just need "something": blue cheese dip with vegetables

40 g blue cheese125 g neutral creme cheese
olive oil

mix it all togehter and season it with pepper to taste cut some crunchy vegetabels like celery, carrots, peppers or whatever you fancy

bon appétit!


last week on instagram

on the hunt for a new mascara/early bird spinning class/veronica maggio consert with my dad/sushi saves the day (and dinner) after a long week/this "translation" from english to norwegian made me laugh/nice hotel room at soria moria holmenkollen/my cartoon motivation wall at my office desk/it's been snowing a lot lately/i want to spend a night in this stunning hut in sweden

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