May 3, 2014

fashionable - revamping my wardrobe

have you ever felt like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? i think most people have that feeling on some occations, especially if you need to dress a new type of happenings where the dresscode isn't clearly stated. lately i have been cleaning up in my closet. i own a lot of stuff that i love, but i didn't always now what to pair the clothing item with to get the look i wanted.

what i like for my wardrobe is easiness:
  • great items that i love and use
  • easy to pair with other items
  • many combinations that give a great and effortless result
there is some really good blog posts out by others who have given this subject a thouough though. geneva from a pair & a spare have a series called four ways; all her new items must fit into her wardrobe in four different style settings before she buys it. see her example of a leather moto jacket here. this is a a great tip that i have incorporated into my shopping.

many sites also offer good inspiration for styling tips. pinterest is one of them, another is polyvore. i use both to gather inspiration into folders that i look throug before new investments.

right now i am in a phase where i feel my style is somewhat "inbetween". it's a little bit of everything, and that's not where i want to be. i'm in a stage where i try to streamline my style a bit more, mostly this means to clean out the items i don't use anymore. and some new investments to tie everything more together. below is some of my favourite styling boards i'm working with.

as you can see, all of these styleboards are made from zsum on polyvore, i think she has a great sense of style! picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4. my style isn't that monocromic in colors, but what i really like here is the basics that makes all combinations look great.

on  my to do list:
  • sell and donate items i no longer love or use
  • invest in a pair of manstyle flats (see last picture)
  • invest in a quality cotton shirt
  • invest in a white skirt
  • make sure that all items that stay in my closet and new ones that i invest in follows the "one item, four ways" philosofy
what are your styling philosophy and tips? do you have any brands you like to invest in more that others? any blogposts or bloggers youu think i should follow with a great sense of style? all tips are welcome :)


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